Decumulation Services

Our discussions with a number of sponsors, record keepers, and large consulting firms led us to believe that the Institute’s services below resulting in “best practices” and higher retirement incomes are unique and not offered by any other organization:

1. Policy and Implementation

  • Preparation of DC Education and Communications Policies.
  • Preparation of Decumulation Policies.
  • Project management of policy implementation (working with record keeper).
  • Decumulation Policy Implementation Reviews.

2. Member Education and Communications

  • Effectiveness reviews of Member Education and Communication Programs.
  • Preparation of DC Education and Communications Policies.
  • Assistance in Re-design of Education and Communications Programs.

3. Education, Workshops and Seminars

  • DC Decumulation Policy Workshops.
  • Education and Communications Workshops.
  • Lessons and Application of Behavioural Economics and Decision Research
  • Fiduciary Workshops on New Developments and “Best Practices” in Decumulation and DC Management.

4. Monitoring

  • On-going Monitoring of the Decumulation Marketplace (products, prices, innovations, cost/benefit analysis, member/sponsor reaction, products in the pipelines).
  • Measuring Impact of Member Education and Communications

5. Special assignments On Request

  • Preparation of policy papers on “best practices” on request.
  • Special studies and policy papers concerning retirement income maximization and DC best practices.
  • Organizing forums, seminars and round table discussions with leading DC market participants.

Above services are delivered in full cooperation with sponsors’ existing service providers.