Advisory Group

To remain in the forefront of innovation, specialized knowledge and best practices is no easy task; most definitely it cannot be done without guidance, professional debates and utilizing the combined experience of the industry’s best.

The newly constituted Advisory Group of the Institute is truly unique. It is composed of seasoned pension and investment experts who recently retired from senior positions or entered into independent private practice and, no longer bound by institutional ties. Thus, they are exceptionally well positioned to provide insightful, independent opinion.

Advisory Group members serve on an individual basis, as our mission is to promote and apply best practices and not reaching consensus. The Advisory Group—on an individual or collective basis—is accessible to the Institute on issues raised by our clients. They act as sounding board for testing ideas, a source of guidance and suggestions and, above all, constitute an open forum as a Think Tank on current and anticipated decumulation-related issues considering the diverse perspectives of sponsors, the academia, service providers and plan members on any given issue.

A few other professionals of high reputation, whose existing institutional loyalties or time commitments bar them from serving officially, offered participation in the Institute’s regular Think Tank Sessions in an unofficial capacity. The Institute therefore is able to put together a powerful group of professionals on any given issue of our clients’ interest. The conclusions issued after the Think Tank Sessions always list the participants, as well.

Current Advisory Group members:

Malcolm Hamilton
Senior Fellow, C.D. Howe Institute
Former Principal, Mercer

Bill Chinery
Board Director and former CEO,
BlackRock Canada

Clive Morgan
Investment Consultant, PBI
Former Global Head of
Investment Consulting, Towers

Tom Iannucci
President, Cortex Applied Research

Michael Peskin
President, Hudson Pilot, N.Y.
former Managing Director and
Head of Pension Practice, Morgan Stanley

Earl Bederman
President, Investor Economics